Server side tests

Basic test of apache2 and installation of PHP components
Q: Does PHP and Apache2 provide the support we need.
A: Yes
test-curl.php [?url=<URL>]
Tests that the curl interface can read and present the margot web site
Q: Can we spoof an external website.
A: Yes, but all the links to images get directed to the wrong place.
test-curl1.php [?url=<URL>]
Test to show how relative links in margot web site can be navigated to through insertion of a base statement in the header.
Q: Can we get images to show correctly.
A: Yes, but this means all links take one out of mat's domain.
test-xreader.php [?url=<URL>]
Attempts to parse margot input as XML using XMLreader
Q: Can we use php XML tools on the spoofed input.
A: In general no.
test-xreader1.php [?url=<URL>]
Attempts to show parsed content of margot using XMLreader.
Uses as default to show a site that does parse using XMLreader.
N.B. does not.
Q: How does XMLreader actually behave on input.
A: As shown.

End of Tests