Client side tests

frames/test-frame.php [?url=<URL>]
Test that frames work by showing a specified URL in one such frame.
By default is shown.
Q: Do browsers allow us to show data from different domains.
A: Seemingly yes.
Q: Can we decide where to place an annotation on the margot frame.
A: Seems pretty hard..
Test the DOM (Document Object Model) tree visible to client code.
Q: Are nodes under the right frame reachable from the left frame.
A: Yes. With puting our main index page in the right frame we can find the node with id 'topIndex' which has been placed in This id has the path
Work on reverse engineering the google maps approach to pins
Q: How can we put a pin on a web page not in our domain
A: Hard to do.
Work on using javascript to dynamically change views in frames
Q: If we can't annotate external websites, can we annotate jpgs inside them.
A: Yes, but we need to think about how useful this would be when we want to create/change/delete annotations.

End of Tests