ImageMAT at Kalamazoo and Montréal, 2012

Christine McWebb, our p.i., and Mónica Ann Walker, our post-doctoral fellow, have recently presented ImageMAT at the 47th International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, Western Michigan, and at the 10th International Congress on New Directions in the Humanities, Montréal, respectively. In both presentations, the conceptual idea for the project was set forth before demonstrating the potential applications of ImageMAT as an effective teaching tool in the medieval/early modern literature and culture classroom and as a tool for scholarly research, focusing primarily on the tool’s interoperability with a range of image-based repositories (such as the Roman de la rose database at Johns Hopkins University, the collection of medieval illuminated manuscript in Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France, and others). Both presentations were received very positively and a number of people and institutions expressed their desire to participate in the next testing phase.