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imageMAT is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you annotate images, organize those annotations, and share your research.

= Description =
imageMAT is browser-based and open-access, operating under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivative Works license. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE (post-6.0). Use of imageMAT requires registration. Once you have registered and logged into your account, you can create, edit, save, and share an unlimited number of image-annotations. imageMAT imports the URL of an image from its online repository; the tool does not store the image itself, and therefore protects the copyright of the image’s owner(s). You can cut-and-paste the URL directly into the annotation page of the tool. To make importing of image URLs even easier, we have created a bookmarklet that automatically imports a URL to your account.

The imageMAT bookmarklet is a browser-agnostic JavaScript utility that you add to your browser bookmark tab. When you click on the bookmarklet while examining an image in your browser, it automatically records the URL of the image and prepares it for importation into the imageMAT work environment. If you are already signed into your imageMAT account the bookmarklet takes you immediately to the annotation page; if you are not signed in, the bookmarklet will prompt you to log into your account and then proceed to the annotation page.

”’PLEASE NOTE:”’ ””’You must have cookies enabled in your browser for the bookmarklet to function properly.””’

= Installation =
== Drag and Drop ==
To install the bookmarklet, click on [http://mat.uwaterloo.ca/imagemat/annotate/bookmarklet.php THIS LINK] and follow directions to add the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks toolbar.

== Cut and paste ==
If your bookmarks toolbar is hidden do the following:

Copy the code below, open your Bookmarks Manager, create a new bookmark
Type “imageMAT” into the name field
Paste the code into the URL field.

ImageMat Bookmarklet

= Browser Compatability =
== Compatible ==
* Bookmarklet has been tested successfully in following browsers:
** Firefox (PC, Mac and Ubuntu)
** Chrome (PC, Mac)
** Chromium (Ubuntu)
** Safari
== Not Compatible ==
* Bookmarklet does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or previous. imageMAT does not currently support Internet Explorer.

== iPad ==
* Bookmarklet for iPad requires the following workaround:
”On Mac OS:” Enable bookmark syncing to iCloud in System Preferences > iCloud.

”On Windows:” Download the iCloud software and enable syncing in Control Panel > iCloud.

# Add bookmarklet to desktop version of Safari
# Refresh Safari on iPad to confirm that syncing has worked
# Bookmarklet should now work on iPad

If you have further questions or require assistance installing the bookmarklet, go to the [[Help]] page.

To read the imageMAT User Rights Agreement, click [here].

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